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GIVING YOU A “BOOST” TOWARD SAVINGS As a responsible property manager, you’ve already got quite the full plate on your hands. When it comes to small but excruciatingly pesky pinhole leaks, you’re combating water alkalinity, municipal or city water treatment, and a half-dozen other factors in the deterioration of your household and commercial copper pipes.

But unbeknownst to you, things were likely doomed from the onset when your builder decided to fight back against low water pressure with the installation of an over-sized, overpowered booster pump.

To fulfill that everyday miracle of hot water through the faucet on the penthouse floor, builders often compensate for poor system design by incorporating a high power, high pressure booster pump. But as we’re sure you know, those same builders are not footing the bill for a pump that runs unnecessarily, each and every minute — even throughout the night. These are the same builders that of course, skirt responsibility for hundreds of hours of wasted energy.

Having come across one too many over-sized pumps, Rikos is tackling the issue head-on with our new Green Division. Our foray into the territory combined with the Province of Ontario’s exciting SaveONenergy incentive program make this the perfect time to evaluate your existing pump.

rikos booster pump

Rikos will:

  • Assess your existing booster pump at no cost to management or the condominium corporation
  • Analyse water flow, water pressure and energy consumption
  • Process our data and reviews, providing you with a detailed report of our findings
  • Switch to a new, appropriate pump based on our analysis, designed to save both energy and money
  • Provide you with a comprehensive five-year warranty including routine maintenance coverage
  • Apply on your behalf to the SaveONenergy incentive program

Your new, variable speed drive booster pump will:

  • Conserve space in your building due to downsizing
  • Afford you easy accessibility
  • Reduce deterioration of copper pipes within your domestic hot water system, while improving system performance
  • Conserve energy, eliminate excessive emissions and reduce your building’s ecological footprint
  • Save your corporation money (typically $10,000 or more yearly)
  • Ensure your corporation is eligible to receive government incentives
  • Reduce inconveniences and costs associated with maintenance


afterRikos Booster Pumps


“Variable speed drive” is an important term to today’s property managers. But at Rikos, we are not surprised when our clients wonder – just what is it?

Quite simply, a lifesaver. If reserving energy and funds seems beneficial to you, of course.

A variable speed drive allows the booster pump’s motor to alter its output based on your building’s demand for hot water. This ensures that the booster pump is not burning off more energy than required to fulfill the needs of residents within your building. Compared with a booster pump unfitted with a variable speed drive, the economic and ecological upside of this modern technology is obvious.

In many modern high-rises, replacing the booster pump entirely may not be necessary. Rikos is capable of retrofitting young booster pumps with variable speed drive, which produces energy and financial savings that are quickly evident.


Rikos knows that with every choice in service provider for your building, your reputation is put on the line. Rest assured that we are equally as proud of our own reputation, which is also on the line each time we install a product or apply a solution within your building. Knowing that, we place the utmost emphasis on analyzing your domestic hot water system accurately, and selecting only premium components from dependable suppliers.

Rikos believes in avoiding “Band-Aid” solutions, which only temporarily solve one problem, while often exacerbating another. Everything we do is with the belief that each component within a domestic hot water system is of equal importance and should perform at its peak to ensure the efficiency and longevity of the entire system. We exercise this same philosophy every day when we choose to line pipes, rather than patch or replace them, to provide you with a proactive and preventive solution that lasts you longer than any other.

Similarly, we leave our clients with modern, efficient booster pumps that utilize available technology, such as variable speeds and soft starts, to reduce stress on the entire system. Our pumps conserve energy immediately while continuing to satisfy each of the building’s residents, from those on the ground floor, all the way to the penthouse.

To illustrate our faith in the quality of our installation and product we offer, we back each replacement pump with an industry-leading five year warranty.

July 15th, 2015 RIKOS
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