Rikos Energy Launches a Cogeneration Solution at Prominent Toronto High-Rise

A 14,000-kilogram container hoisted 25 storeys above Toronto on Saturday marked a major milestone for Rikos Energy and the residents of a local condo building. The steel container housed two natural gas reciprocating engines – Controlled Heat and Power (CHP) generators that will become the source of substantial energy savings for condominium owners at the […]

It Can Make it There: Cogeneration Doing the Job in The Big Apple

With the cost of electricity steadily on the rise, the prospect of residential buildings generating their own power is becoming a reality in New York City. As reported on by Energy Manager Today, New York City will be making a large investment to support this electricity saving initiative – very similar to what the SaveOnEnergy […]

Toronto Hydro Onboard with SaveOnEnergy Initiative

The SaveOnEnergy program was developed for energy conservation initiatives in Ontario. As part of the program, business are awarded monetary incentives for implementing projects that alleviate stress on over-taxed power grids. One such program is Behind the Meter Generation (BMG) using Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems employing natural gas generators. What it is CHP […]

What Should I Know About My Building’s Booster Pumps?

What do I need to know about my building’s booster pumps? They are an essential component in delivering water to residents on the highest levels of your high-rise building. They are also, most likely, extremely oversized and overpowered. Why? Most often, booster pumps are oversized because builders want to ensure that residents don’t experience a […]

Behind the Meter Power Generation and Electric Vehicles

Nobody likes having their pockets picked. Still, most Torontonians have less cash in their pockets than they expected after every trip to the gas pumps. The price of gasoline has skyrocketed again, reaching more than $1.30 per litre at some Greater Toronto Area (GTA) stations. Some city dwellers have had enough, cutting costs and making […]

The Economics of Generating Our Own Electricity

  If you have read my blog entitled, “What is the Best Kind of Generator For a Condominium Building” you will know that the cost of electricity from the grid is increasing and that the most cost effective way to generate our own electricity is by using a natural gas powered combined heat and power […]

Can I Really Save on My Electricity Cost by Installing New Lighting?

We have all been told that fluorescent lighting uses less electricity than the old incandescent lighting, but will it really make a difference to my building’s electricity bill if I change out all that old lighting. The answer is yes! Replacing old inefficient lighting with new efficient lighting is the most cost effective way to […]

Why is the Cost of Electricity Increasing?

  In the past few years, most of us have bought Energy Star appliances, replaced our old inefficient incandescent light bulbs with efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and have generally tried to use less electricity. We have done these things to conserve energy, but have not seen our monthly electricity bills go down. In fact, […]

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