Rikos Energy Launches a Cogeneration Solution at Prominent Toronto High-Rise

A 14,000-kilogram container hoisted 25 storeys above Toronto on Saturday marked a major milestone for Rikos Energy and the residents of a local condo building.

The steel container housed two natural gas reciprocating engines – Controlled Heat and Power (CHP) generators that will become the source of substantial energy savings for condominium owners at the Atrium II at 65 Spring Garden Ave.

The new generators will lower dependence on the municipal power grid, allowing the building to generate its own reliable energy and heat, effective in the case of a blackout, brown out or other instances of power loss. The building will produce power to meet the daily requirements of its residents—with notable cost savings per kilowatt hour.

“The condominium board and all the residents of the Atrium II should feel excellent knowing they’ve made this choice,” said Dr. Glenn Allen, senior engineer at Rikos Energy. “By choosing Rikos Energy, they have chosen the financially beneficial and environmentally responsible solution.”

In order to reach that solution, Rikos Energy benefitted from outstanding teamwork demonstrated throughout the initial installation on March 11. With a member of the Toronto Police Service shutting down traffic on Spring Garden Avenue, a crane from the Amherst Group—as well as several staff members—were employed to lift the base on which the generators sit, followed by the generators.

The entire installation was finished in less than four hours. An official from Toronto Hydro was on site, as well as about a dozen members of Rikos staff, who carefully ensured the container sat snugly in place on the building’s roof.

The generators were lowered onto six pre-configured shock absorbers which ensure their operation produces virtually no noise and—more importantly—no vibration within the high-rise.

Once running, the engines will be roughly 80 per cent efficient, as opposed to the 50 per cent efficiency achieved in traditional power generation. Rikos Energy will provide service to the Atrium II through an Energy-to-Ownership program that will have stakeholders seeing 10 per cent savings until the generators are paid for, and exponentially more afterward.

“Rikos Energy is putting the power to save right in condo owners’ hands,” said President Wolfgang Osada.

Rikos Energy’s first move toward cogeneration comes just in time, with mid-peak electricity prices at an all-time high and rising exponentially. Learn more about our environmentally-sustainable solution to rising costs at rikosenergy.com.



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