Pipe Lining Safety

While Rikos is committed to providing clients with a well-engineered solution to failing domestic hot water systems, we will not do so at the expense of safety. Rikos’ product and practices are held to the highest of industry standards and pass rigorous periodical testing in order to ensure your potable hot water supply remains 100 percent drinking water safe. 




Rikos’ patented epoxy is IAPMO-tested to ANSI Standard 61, the standard adopted by the national government regarding safe potable water supply. This standard has been employed since 1988 and has been met to certify over 12,000 products. ANSI Standard 61 ensures that Rikos’ patented epoxy is:

  • 100 percent drinking water safe
  • Approved for use at commercial-grade temperatures (up to 82 degrees Celsius, or 180 degrees Farenheit)
  • Ready for service following an eight-hour cure time


IGC 189-2008

Rikos’ patented epoxy also meets the IGC 189 standard, set by IAPMO in 2008 for the internal coating of metal water pipes with an epoxy barrier coating material.


American Water Works Association

Rikos epoxy lining utilized within copper pipes meets the guidelines approved by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in a 2006 study, which found that epoxy lining will maintain its integrity for approximately 50 years. Furthermore, their research found that epoxy lining had virtually no effect on water quality or the longevity of copper.  





While we have spent the past two decades perfecting our patented epoxy solution and application process, we have also perfected methods to stand behind our product and our work for years to come. 

• Our patented epoxy is subjected to annual testing to meet IAPMO standard

• Each member of the Rikos crew servicing your high-rise endures extensive training

• Rikos mixes and applies our epoxy lining according to stringent instructions

• Using a fiber optic camera, we will inspect the interior of your copper piping before and after epoxy pipe lining
Rikos installs designated sections of pipe to remove periodically for years to come, in order to evaluate the performance of our lining

• Your rejuvenated domestic hot water system can be easily analysed throughout its entire lifespan, in order to determine its longevity. A 2006 study by the AWWA suggests that epoxy-lined pipe would outlast the lifecycles of two untreated systems

Rikos is so assured by the strength of our work and the measures we take to ensure our clients’ peace-of-mind, that we back everything we do with an unprecedented, industry-leading 25-year-warranty.

September 17th, 2019 RIKOS
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