Meet the Crew

We foster a culture of pride engrained in every member of the Rikos team, from our pipe lining technicians in your condominium, to our executives working at our head office.

Our company knows that a better solution means providing our clients with an accommodating, tailored and personal experience. The Rikos experience is only made possible by our exceptional staff members, working tirelessly toward completing your project in a timely, non-invasive manner while maintaining consistent communication and respecting the privacy of residents’ homes.

At Rikos, we don’t settle for a staff.
Each member of our crew is an honoured member of a greater group – a family.


  •  Marc LebenVice President
    of Operations
  •  Rob O’NeillExecutive Sales Manager
  • Mike Carroll Plumber, Site Supervisor
  • Justin Allen Plumber,
    Senior Pipelining Technician
  • Jenna EllisPlumber, Senior Pipe Lining Technician
  • Brock LougheedSenior Pipe Lining Technician
  •  Josh MontegomeryPlumber,
    Pipelining Technician
  •  Brody TaplinEngineering Technologist
  •  Brent MortsonMaster Electrician, Power Generation Technician
  •  Dale GalarneauBusiness Consultant
  •  Randy MeechamProject Manager,
    Incentive Programs
  • Traian Bucur-GrigaPlumber,
    Pipelining Technician
  • Upinder GillPipelining Technician
  • Ryan RamdahinPipelining Technician
  •  Marco RenziPipelining Technician
  •  Chris ScottPipe Lining Technician
  •  Travis TourvillePlumber,
    Gas Fitter
  •  Ken GittinsParts Manager
October 20th, 2016 RIKOS
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