Corroded pipes.

Galvanized Pipe Will Test Your “Metal”

Effective Epoxy Pipe Lining Have you ever seen an image of a pipe lining failure? They’re rare, but they’re out there. They’re not pretty—and we’re proud to say they weren’t ours. What makes us so confident? Because at Rikos, we know that epoxy pipe lining is the most efficient, effective and sustainable way to repair […]

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are a time to slow down and reflect the year past year…  Most enjoyable for us was the feeling of making new friends, welcoming them to our family and enjoying the many successes of well executed epoxy pipe lining projects with them. From all us of here at Rikos, we hope you enjoy […]

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – Sodium Silicate Dosing into Domestic Hot Water Systems

  Sodium silicate, sometimes referred to as a “food-grade mineral”, is an inorganic chemical used in many industrial and automotive material applications. It is also used as a low-level corrosion inhibitor at waste water treatment plants. In other words, it is strong enough to stop rust. Sound like something you’d like in water from your […]

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Did you know?

At Rikos, we are always launching new research into our patented epoxy lining solution, and our industry as a whole. We feel we can only grow as the industry-leader by forging forward and striving for improvement, rather than resting on our laurels.   And so, on occasion, our research reveals benefits in our method that we […]

20th Annual Springfest

  Look out through your window, and you may not know it. Take a stroll outside and you certainly won’t feel it. But the season for spring cleaning is only a few weeks away, and Rikos wants to help property managers in the Greater Toronto Area tidy up that pesky 2014 “to-do” list. The team […]

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Trimming the fat…from your condo’s water bill

Aiming to conserve water within a comfortable condominium lifestyle is not only environmentally responsible – it is downright frugal. Unfortunately, many Canadian condominium corporations are hesitating to make drastic changes to appliances and fixtures within their high-rises due to limited reserve funds. Don’t hesitate to take that leap – the payback may begin faster than […]

Avoiding plumbing crossover in high-rises – tips!

Definition Crossover occurs when hot water crosses, usually through a defective fixture, into the cold water piping or vice versa. Cause When the pressure in the hot and cold water lines differs, water will want to pass from high pressure to low. These hot and cold water systems are normally separate. However, mixing points – such […]

Happy Holidays from Rikos

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — especially for each and every resident benefiting each day from the Rikos solution! Don’t let a dysfunctional domestic hot water system become the Grinch who steals your residents’ Christmas. Moving forward, enjoy your holidays every year with the peace-of-mind — and peace-ful-ness — that comes with […]

A Green Idea

A Green Idea At Rikos, we strive to lead our industry in everything we do. Today, with our Earth’s sustainability of the utmost importance, we have decided to lead our industry once again; this time, in forging a greener path toward the future. We pride ourselves in developing new ideas every day in order to […]

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