A Green Idea


A Green Idea

At Rikos, we strive to lead our industry in everything we do. Today, with our Earth’s sustainability of the utmost importance, we have decided to lead our industry once again; this time, in forging a greener path toward the future.

We pride ourselves in developing new ideas every day in order to improve our practice. Now, we have developed a green idea.

Rikos is proud to announce the opening of our new Green Division, specializing in downsized booster pumps designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency. In accounting for our ecological footprint, Rikos can now feel assured that we are paving a road toward a sustainable future. After all, we have an eager group of up-and-comers to bestow our legacy upon.


Moving forward, turning our attention toward a green idea is not a far cry from the work we already accomplish each day. Our epoxy solution is already a greener option than both patchwork repairs and re-piping. While copper is completely recyclable, opting to line the pipe instead of replacing it saves the energy required to remove the pipe, transport and the pipe, and finally recycle the pipe. Our epoxy lining can be expected to outlast the typical lifecycles of two systems, meaning that we save that energy twice over.

Increasing our focus on greener options is bred out of the steps we take toward efficiency at every job site.

Having applied our patented epoxy solution in hundreds of domestic high-rises, it is safe to say that we at Rikos have found our comfort zone. For each client, we spare no expense in rejuvenating the entire domestic hot water system. Beyond lining vertical risers with our patented epoxy, we also replace horizontal branches, T-fittings, joints, and valves. More than two decades of experience has taught us that avoiding pinhole leaks and further problems within the system means ensuring each part of the system functions at its highest potential.

But many of the problems leading to erosion and thus pinhole leaks are caused by a single culprit — an over-sized, overused booster pump. Now, Rikos is taking a stand against the wasted dollars and energy spent due to unfit booster pumps. Click here to see how Rikos will reduce your building’s costs and ecological footprint by assessing your booster pump.

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