Did you know?

At Rikos, we are always launching new research into our patented epoxy lining solution, and our industry as a whole. We feel we can only grow as the industry-leader by forging forward and striving for improvement, rather than resting on our laurels. 

 And so, on occasion, our research reveals benefits in our method that we feel only solidifies our process as the most viable solution to pesky pinhole leak problems in domestic high-rises. After all, Rikos non-destructive pipe rejuvenation leaves your system “Like New, Only Better.” 


Did you know that:


Epoxy pipe lining, including our patented process, provides the domestic hot water recirculation system with some thermal insulation. As hot water travels constantly through the pipes, lined pipes allow the water to retain more heat than un-lined pipes. This means that less energy (and less money!) will be consumed heating the water. 

Aside from strengthening the pipe, and doubling the pipe’s service life, epoxy pipe lining prevents all inorganic trace material from leaching into your potable hot water. This includes lead, and other potentially harmful metals.

Copper has fallen into favour of builders worldwide because of its 100 percent recyclable quality. Despite what skeptics will tell you, epoxy-lined copper piping is also 100 percent recyclable

All pipes lined during our process are completely serviceable. Any emergency repairs, or mechanical alterations due to plumbing issues, or renovations are possible. Still, we recommend contacting Rikos before making any major alterations to the hot water supply.

In fact, we recommend you contact Rikos anyway. Let us welcome you to a job site, where you can see our unique application process in action, and allow us to help you determine the correct solution to rejuvenating your building’s hot water supply system. In addition to our immensely successful pipe lining process, we are also proud to offer entire engineering solutions to ensure your building is running green and lean, with a focus on the future.



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