Trimming the fat…from your condo’s water bill

Aiming to conserve water within a comfortable condominium lifestyle is not only environmentally responsible – it is downright frugal. Unfortunately, many Canadian condominium corporations are hesitating to make drastic changes to appliances and fixtures within their high-rises due to limited reserve funds.

Don’t hesitate to take that leap – the payback may begin faster than you’d think.

Some of the fixes are simple enough. Every run-of-the-mill faucet in your building may be consuming up to 26 litres of water per minute, according to a study by Calgary’s water services department. The expense of replacing each faucet may seem astronomical. But it is also completely unnecessary, seeing as a simple, inexpensive modification could save you roughly $42 per tenant each year.

An aerator – a small, tamper-proof plastic screen screwed onto the tap – will reduce water consumption to just 5.7 litres per minute, while reducing your building’s water bill dramatically. This easy alteration will have no effect on water pressure, and thus no effect on the temperament of your tenants.



And while the quick-fixes are important, so too are the larger undertakings your condo corporation can examine. Your antiquated washing machines, responsible for about 20 per cent of the water consumption in your building according to a 1999 American Water Works Association study, could be hanging your budget out to dry.

Replacing your top-loaders with new, front-loading high-efficiency machines can reduce water consumption per load from as high as a staggering 170 litres to as little as a reasonable 59 litres. Over the span of a year, that reduction could ease your building’s spending on washing by 44 per cent. Talk about keeping your money from going down the drain!

Making a substantial investment to improve your building’s water supply and consumption always boils down to a matter of return. Condominium directors are quick to wish for their investment to “show them the money”. No investment made to your building’s hot water system will save your reserve funds, (and your sanity) than the Rikos’ pipe lining solution. Our patented process could save you tens of thousands each year on basic patchwork repairs to your hot water lines, while costing you much less than a complete re-piping once the system is beyond repair. Have a look for yourself at our unique application, or read thoughtful testimonials from our clientele.

While you’re searching for eco-friendly alternatives for your building, don’t forget the importance of your building’s central booster pump. Your current booster pump is likely running at all hours to provide hot water to your building’s uppermost floors efficiently. The trouble is, your building’s uppermost floors don’t necessarily use that water at all hours.

 Rikos offers a selection of new, variable speed, environmentally-responsible booster pumps that work harder at peak periods, and stand by when not in use. Read more here, and don’t hesitate to call for a free assessment of your domestic hot water system today. 

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