What Should I Know About My Building’s Booster Pumps?

What do I need to know about my building’s booster pumps?

They are an essential component in delivering water to residents on the highest levels of your high-rise building. They are also, most likely, extremely oversized and overpowered.


Most often, booster pumps are oversized because builders want to ensure that residents don’t experience a lack of water pressure. While they have good intentions, they are not considering the impact an overmatched booster pump will have on the building’s electricity costs.

Why should you replace your building’s booster pump?

In older buildings, the oversized booster pump system is powered by electric motors that run non-stop at full capacity. Aside from driving utility costs to skyrocket, it will also create an over-pressurization of the building’s water delivery system and could cause vital damage to the plumbing network.

The constant pressure exerted by the over-powered booster pumps is always the same – it doesn’t matter if one person is using the tap, or 150 people are using their water all at once. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Wouldn’t a system that monitors itself and maximizes its own efficiency make more sense? We think so. That’s why we are now offering a system that is growing in popularity among property owners and condominium boards across the province – the Rikos Core Booster Pump System.


Referred to as the “Wolfpack Series”, this innovative booster pump system only adds pressure when required. The system features three separate cascading pumps that power on only to meet the needs of the residents. The pumps are controlled by Variable Frequency Drives, or VFDs. The VFD control system monitors pressure constantly, adapting to meet demand and adjusting on the fly, toggling between the three pumps and even shutting the entire system down in an emergency.

All technical information aside – the end product is a highly efficient booster pump system that will save huge costs in both electricity and maintenance.


Need more reason to inquire about the Rikos Core Booster Pump system? On top of reduced power consumption and yearly savings, corporations downsizing their existing booster pumps are also eligible for the Independent Electricity Operator of Ontario’s SaveONEnergy program.

This program, which includes auditing guidelines and administrative requirements, may entitle a corporation to be reimbursed for up to half the cost of the new booster pump. And don’t worry – Rikos, an engineering company, is recognized as the applicant’s representative for the SaveONEnergy program and our staff will meet all requirements on the customer’s behalf.


Rikos technical experts will:

  • Assess your existing booster pump, taking photos and noting specifications
  • Make sizing calculations from our findings to provide a proposal
  • Set up state-of-the-art metering equipment in order to accurately measure water flow, water pressure and energy consumption
  • Process our data and provide a detailed report of expected annual energy savings
  • Install a new, appropriately-sized booster pump, designed to save both energy and money
  • Provide you with a comprehensive five-year warranty including routine maintenance coverage
  • Finalize administrative requirements with SaveONEnergy program to secure incentivE

Your new booster pump system will:

  • Conserve space in your building due to downsizing
  • Afford easy accessibility
  • Reduce deterioration of copper pipes within the water delivery system, while improving performance
  • Conserve energy, eliminate emissions and reduce your buildings ecological footprint
  • Save your corporation money (typically $10,000 or more yearly)
  • Make owners and/or corporation eligible to receive government incentives
  • Reduce inconveniences and costs associated with maintenance

Each booster pump Rikos provides is meticulously assembled and rigorously tested by technical experts at our production facility. These rugged systems are built by reputable manufacturers using state-of-the-art technology to ensure Rikos customers are provided with an economical and efficient system better than any other on the market. 

Want to learn more? Contact Rikos at 416-410-3815 or email us at info@rikos.com.

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