Questionnaire – A Testament to Pipe Lining

During the research stage of finding a solution for leaking pipes, a questionnaire was developed and executed (outside of RIKOS’ knowledge) in hopes to find the truth from our past clients. The answers to this questionnaire helped our now-current client decide that RIKOS was the right choice for them. We’d like to share the questions and answers with you, as we feel this is the most honest testimonial we can share with you.

Questions Response
  Mary Andrews, MTCC 750 Ivan Martinovic, Principal Architect, Sherbourne Street Jack Gale, MTCC 955 Attila Benyi, MTCC 877
How old is your building? Approximately 26 years Approximately 31 – 36 years at the time. Approximately 25 years old. 24 Years
How many years ago was your piping corrected by this company? 2011 First phase in 2001, second phase in 2003. March/April 2013 2 Years
Did Rikos install the system in all of the piping for your building or only problematic sections? All DHW At the end of the second phase, all hot water pipes were re-lined. Complete pipe re-lining of the DHW. All DHW
Have you found that the piping solution has resolved your plumbing problems? Yes Yes Yes. No pinhole or riser valve leaks. Yes
Have any new plumbing problems arisen since your plumbing project was completed? No No No No
Was your project completed within the projected timeline? Yes Yes Yes, they stated eight (8) weeks and it was completed in eight (8) weeks. Yes
Was your project completed as per the quotation, or were there additional costs that were added mid-project for unforeseen reasons? Yes Project was completed as quoted. There were additional unforeseen costs. Located 25 new risers, that were no on the as-built drawings. As per quotation
If there were added or unexpected costs or time delays, what caused the time delay or added costs? Not that I am aware of! No delays were experienced. Even with the location of the 25 additional risers, there were no time delays. The crew worked extra hours during the day and the residents were advised in advance. N/A
Are you satisfied that the piping solution has resolved your pinhole leak and other plumbing problems? Are you satisfied with the end result? Yes Yes, re-lining resolved the problems. Yes, very satisfied. No pinhole or riser shut off valve leaks or water shut downs due to repairs. No insurance claims. Very satisfied
Is there anything that you would do differently if you had to do the project again? No Splitting work into two phases added to the overall cost, but TCHC (Toronto Community Housing Corporation) wanted to do a limited scope work as a pilot project to compare pipe re-lining vs. pipe replacement. No, this was my second project with Rikos and found them easy to work with. No – same
Was the company easy to work with? Did they respond to your needs in a timely and professional manner when you called them? Yes Yes, Rikos was very responsive. Rikos came highly recommended by me. I had the same work done at another site that I managed 2 years ago at 914-920 Yonge Street, thus the reason for bringing them onboard at this site. Outstanding response
How much of a disruption did your project create for your residents? It had to be done. Disruption was minimal, both in access to pipes in apartments and hot water down time. The only disruption to the residents was the water shut off for 24-26 hours, Monday – Friday, none on the weekend; the majority understood the problem and reason why. Hardly any
How would you rate this company on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being excellent? Do you recommend this company and their plumbing solutions to others? 8-9 Rated 9. We would recommend Rikos for similar jobs. They are a ten (10) in my books, the crew were very professional. 10 absolutely
Have there been any warranty issues following the completion of your project? If so, were you happy with the response and follow up by the company? Were your issues resolved in a timely manner? No There were no warranty issues. There were no warranty issues as of yet, but I know I can count and rely on them to be here to resolve in a timely manner. Two minor issues. They were followed up the next day.
Do you have any additional comments or recommendations that you feel may help us in our decision to use this company and their recommended solutions? No Re-lining work is much less disruptve and significantly cheaper than pipe replacement. Rikos appears to be very experienced in this type of work. I have used Rikos at two (2) locations, and have been extremely satisfied with their work, their crew, professionalism and how quickly they respond to complaints. I met with the Project Manager daily to discuss the previous day’s problems. The majority of riser valves for the Corporation were located in the ceilings. Rikos work well in repairs and replacement of riser valves with minimum disruption of service for the community. Given the logistics of the project, we expected that there may be some concerns from the Owners. We were actually surprised as we got praised from the residents regarding how helpful and professional the crew was.
July 29th, 2014 RIKOS
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