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Our company was built one job at a time. With an unwavering attention to detail, and a steadfast determination, Rikos has set the industry standard for service and quality.


Ease of access to hot water in condominium buildings, made possible by hot water recirculation systems in domestic high-rises, is constantly at risk. The same system responsible for seamless hot water delivery – such an integral element to everyday life – can be derailed by a problem the size of a mere pinhole. A pinhole leak, that is.

Now it is time to act in the best interest of your tenants. But some of the solutions on the market don’t make it an easy task. Are your tenants prepared for the disruption caused by reconstruction after re-piping the entire system?

Don’t worry, there is a better solution. The Rikos solution.

Our patented epoxy pipe lining solution is more than just that. In order to provide clients with the longest-lasting hot water delivery system, we re-engineer the entire system, by replacing critically damaged or vulnerable pipes, fittings, and valves. We also implement efficient mechanical components to reduce water velocity, a major culprit in the pinhole leak epidemic. Our well-engineered solution costs little more than half the price of re-piping, while lasting twice as long.


At Rikos, we specialize in resolving issues common to all domestic high rise buildings. From rejuvenating existing water delivery systems, to working with innovative technologies to design your next energy saving project.

February 27th, 2018 RIKOS

Rikos provides our customers with nothing less than the finest mechanical components in each installation.


We would like to thank the growing number of management companies who place their trust in Rikos.

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