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The Rikos solution is:

Tried and tested: Epoxy coating has been applied to municipal water systems for over 40 years. Rikos has been providing viable solutions, utilizing epoxy coating to save hot water recirculation systems, for just over two decades.

100 percent safe: The environmentally-approved, food-safe Rikos solution eliminates any possibility of corrosive material from deteriorating copper pipes flowing through your hot water system. Independent tests requested by engineers consistently show an improvement in water quality after pipe lining.

Longer lasting: Typically, half of a copper pipe’s wall thickness will have eroded away after 15-25 years. In the GTA, engineers are reporting pipe failure in buildings less than five years old. Young buildings plagued with failing hot water recirculation systems typically lack the reserve funds to finance a complete re-pipe.

The Rikos solution can be relied upon to more than double the service life of your copper pipes. Epoxy pipe lining is expected to last at least 50 years. That’s why Rikos is happy to give you the peace of mind that comes with our 25-year warranty, having had zero warranty claims since we began epoxy pipe lining in 1991.

Less expensive: The Rikos pipe lining solution is always a more economically viable option than a complete re-piping of a domestic high-rise building. Epoxy pipe lining doubles the lifespan of copper pipes, making the Rikos solution less than half the cost of re-piping when the entire lifespan is considered.

Just five pinhole leaks in a single year will cost a condo board $30,000 in patchwork repairs – with the inevitability of more each year after.

Non-destructive: Rikos prides itself on providing a minimally invasive service that doesn’t require the destruction of your property, or the disruption of your tenant’s home. Unlike patchwork repairs, which require that walls are cut out in order to locate pinhole leaks, the Rikos solution needs no access to individual leaks.

Our staff is polite and professional, boasting a portfolio of more than 100 domestic high-rises, many of them featured on our own website. We are satisfied with the thoughtful testimonials those past-clients have provided after witnessing our work first-hand.


blue-prints for fixing pin hole leaks



Your high-rise building may have copper pipes on the brink of failure – and you do not have a clue.

That’s because copper pipes, used in your building’s hot water recirculation system, are susceptible to internal erosion. Constant heat, water flow, and chemicals found in municipal water supplies are the leading causes of erosion, and corrosion within your copper pipes. A pipe that may appear completely in order upon your inspection may be rotting away from within, on the verge of causing costly damage to your building, and your relationship with your tenants.

A pinhole leak is not a singular dilemma. It is merely the first physical symptom of a widespread epidemic within your hot water recirculation system.  Unfortunately, many property managers choose to treat the symptom rather than the greater issue, hiring plumbers to do patchwork repairs.

Erosion is the disease eating away at your copper pipes, and a single pinhole leak is only a symptom of that greater issue. A patch may solve a minor problem like a pinhole leak, but will never address the greater issue – that is, your copper pipes are reaching the end of their lifespan fast.

Ironically, those patches only deteriorate the pipes further. The pressure shocks and irregular hot water flow caused by patch jobs put more stress on other areas of copper pipe. As patchwork repairs – and costs – pile up, so too do more and more pinhole leaks.

More stress on the pipe means more stress for your tenants, as plumbers trod in to their homes time and time again to repeat their work. Holes are cut, a noisy racket is made, and a mess is left behind. A tenant’s nerves have been pushed past their limit, and your copper pipes are nearing theirs. It is now only a matter of time before the condo corporation fronts the bill for a pricey, grueling and intrusive re-piping that will yet again leave nobody happy.

Your rapidly eroding hot water recirculation system threatens to drive up your insurance premiums, drive down property value and revenue, and drive out your tenants. But there is a better way.

December 15th, 2015 RIKOS
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